Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wings, Wings, Wings

Snowy Egrets forage in the shallow water.

An American Pelican soars over my head.

A Least Sandpiper uses its wings to hop along the shore.

This White-tailed Kite is about to dive for its unsuspecting lunch below.

Willets and Marbled Godwits take to the air as a Northern Harrier shows up.

An American Avocet stretches a bit.

This Canada Goose appears to be conducting an imaginary orchestra.

A Red-tailed Hawk looks over its shoulder at you!

A Killdeer tests its wings.

This Mallard offers a lovely display of its beautiful wing.

A Forster's Tern blends in with the slate colored water below.

This Cinnamon Teal female just woke up from an afternoon nap.

Buffleheads start to take flight.
One Western Gull with a fish attracts attention and flapping wings.


  1. Awesome wing shots all around!!!!

  2. What a fantastic series of pictures! Great photo work.

  3. Glorious wing images! It's never easy to capture these types of action shots but you have done so beautifully. I can't select a favorite ... they are all wonderful!

  4. That is a nice wing collection, Jann :)

  5. Love the wings!

  6. A lot of loveliness all in one place...

    - lineatus

  7. Hi Jann, Once again you have given us a treasure trove of beautiful images. I appreciate the action shots more all the time as I'm learning how difficult it is to capture them as you've done here. I don't like to steal from the previous comments, but Julie nailed it ... I can't select a favorite ... they are all wonderful! So true. Thanks, Jann, for posting. John

  8. Good grief that's a lot of nice birds! My favorite is the Avocet.

  9. Birds on a wing... well done!