Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wings, Wings, Wings

Snowy Egrets forage in the shallow water.

An American Pelican soars over my head.

A Least Sandpiper uses its wings to hop along the shore.

This White-tailed Kite is about to dive for its unsuspecting lunch below.

Willets and Marbled Godwits take to the air as a Northern Harrier shows up.

An American Avocet stretches a bit.

This Canada Goose appears to be conducting an imaginary orchestra.

A Red-tailed Hawk looks over its shoulder at you!

A Killdeer tests its wings.

This Mallard offers a lovely display of its beautiful wing.

A Forster's Tern blends in with the slate colored water below.

This Cinnamon Teal female just woke up from an afternoon nap.

Buffleheads start to take flight.
One Western Gull with a fish attracts attention and flapping wings.


  1. Awesome wing shots all around!!!!

  2. What a fantastic series of pictures! Great photo work.

  3. Wonderful wings!!! LOVE these!

  4. Glorious wing images! It's never easy to capture these types of action shots but you have done so beautifully. I can't select a favorite ... they are all wonderful!

  5. That is a nice wing collection, Jann :)

  6. Love the wings!

  7. A lot of loveliness all in one place...

    - lineatus

  8. Hi Jann, Once again you have given us a treasure trove of beautiful images. I appreciate the action shots more all the time as I'm learning how difficult it is to capture them as you've done here. I don't like to steal from the previous comments, but Julie nailed it ... I can't select a favorite ... they are all wonderful! So true. Thanks, Jann, for posting. John

  9. Good grief that's a lot of nice birds! My favorite is the Avocet.

  10. Birds on a wing... well done!