Friday, April 15, 2011

The Wily Willet

Willets are fairly common shorebirds on both the East and West coasts, but they're often shy and easily flushed if  you encounter them feeding along tidal marshes. I've had many fly away before I could even raise my camera. But here I'll share some images I got when I had what must have been a mighty hungry Willet, because it let me get up close and personal.

Willets are mostly solitary foragers, hunting and pecking with purpose, looking for a good meal. You'll see one shot in this series where the Willet is accompanied by two Least Sandpipers that it doesn't seem to even notice. I was happy to capture this image because it convincingly demonstrates how tiny the Least Sandpipers are in comparison, something my solo shots of them never convey. Enjoy.

Adonis Willet

A tasty morsel

Sorta like aquatic popcorn

So many of these yummy little things

Whoa, now I've really scored!

Hmm, now how do I eat something as big as my head?

These tiny peeps - I'll pay them no mind

Nothing like a good burp after a big meal - see my tongue?

A pause for reflection before I take off

I'm outta here for now, but I'll be back in the morning!


  1. Very cool series! I'm always a sucker for photos of birds eating stuff.

  2. A most wonderful series of Willet photographs, Jann! Your narrative is quite fun, a well. I always enjoy observing the Willets forage on the beach during our vacations to the west coast of Florida. You have managed to capture their feeding technique beautifully. Great post, as usual!

  3. Amazing images.These birds look so plain when they stand,but I love the wing patterns.

  4. Very nice and informative captures. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Excellent series of the Willet! They haven't arrived here yet.

  6. hee hee...Great fun..liked the tongue and all the edible goodies!

  7. Love this series! Great captures - and super that you caught the tongue sticking out!!

  8. Fantastic shots of the Willet. The reflections are wonderful.

  9. Loved the commentary as much as the pics ... fun post!

  10. Each photo perfect! Great series, particularly the pic with the Least Sandpiper and the one with the crab or clam.