Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ducks: A Dapper Dozen

Thanks to some great weather most of the season in coastal Northern California, I was fortunate to get some good looks at a lot of ducks that are common to many coastal waters. I'm sharing a dozen of them here. I hope that you delight as much as I do in their colorful plummage as they motor around our local waterways foraging and showing off their colors.

A male Northern Shoveler with that intense yellow eye.

A male Cinnamon Teal not quite dozing. 

A female Canvasback warily eying the photographer.

A male & female Greater Scaup at the marina breakfront.

Cinnamon Teal & Green-winged Teal friends just hanging out.

A male & female pair of motoring Common Mergansers

Jack LaLanne, the American Wigeon.
A pair of Northern Pintails whose bills almost form a heart.

A male Gadwall, lazily paddling at a nearby marina.

A watchful and wary Male Canvasback awoken from his nap.

A female Mallard who was ready for her close up.

And finally, there goes the local Bufflehead Express.


  1. Wonderful! I enjoyed each photo.

  2. Great photos! Loved them all! Happy Birding dear tweetie!

  3. Gorgeous shots of all the ducks! The lighting was perfect on all of them.

  4. Lovely post--such details and rich colors. Wonderful!

  5. Wonderful shots! Great close-ups, particularly of the Northern Shoveler, and great action shot of the Common Merganser!

  6. My first,but now my last visit to your blog.I enjoy birds and photography so this blog is of interest to me.Beautiful pictures.

  7. Fabulous series of duck photographs! I love each and every one of them. Quite the colorful crew. Lovely pintails. Your wonderful photos should be in featured in birding field guides. Beautiful work, Jann!