Friday, July 29, 2011

Just A Few Faves

If you read my last blog post, you know that I've moved to a new city, which explains why I'm such a laggard posting here. And yes, I'm still unpacking, still muttering, still wishing I could just go birding for a day and I can't. I have to be "responsible." So here's a visit to some of the images I've taken in the recent past, some of which I've never managed to post and some which are probably repeats; I honestly can't remember. Heck, I can barely remember where I left my car keys, as my "everything in its place" mantra has gone right out the window in a new house where routines have yet to be established.

But in the midst of what is still general chaos for me, I find a little sense of order is regained by looking at some of my images. I can remember where I was when I took each and every one of these images. Fancy that! I don't know where I put the damn measuring tape or that pair of pliers, but I know exactly where I was when I took each of these photos. That makes me feel a bit better. I hope you enjoy looking at them!

A lovely Say's Phoebe taken at
Grizzly Island Wildlife Area, CA

American Goldfinch in my San Rafael backyard.

Breakfast for a Red-breasted Nuthatch, also
in my backyard.

This Wilson's Warbler gave me a good look
at Point Reyes National Seashore, CA.

 An Anna's Hummingbird in a treetop,
Corte Madera Creek, CA

This shot of an American Kestrel was taken
through my windshield at Grizzly Island
Wildlife Area, CA.

A White-tailed Kite about to descend upon its
prey in American Canyon, CA.

A lovely "butterbutt" or Yellow-rumped Warbler perched
among the cattails at the Las Gallinas Wildlife
Ponds in San Rafael, CA

This Red-winged Blackbird was eating berries in
a shopping center parking lot in Corte Madera, CA.
And here's a little Chipping Sparrow by
 Corte Madera Creek in CA.

This sweet Song Sparrow was flitting among
the rocks on the jetty at the
Loch Lomand Marina, San Rafael, CA.

Thanks for stopping by and good birding to you!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Back & I'm Missing My Shorebirds

So where have I been for the last two months, you might ask? No, not off on some exotic vacation. And no, not traveling, unless you consider hauling all your worldly possessions to a new city traveling. Yes, I have moved. And let me tell you, packing up and moving a 3-bedroom house, home office, garage and storage outbuilding where you've lived for 27 years is no easy task. I'm still unpacking.

Now that I'm no longer living in a coastal area, I'm missing my shorebirds a lot. So I decided to take a little trip down memory lane to remind myself what some of these beauties look like. Care to join me?

This is a Black-bellied Plover. Funny, its belly doesn't look black . . . 
because it's in its summer dress. Just wait for winter, when it will 
show off its impressive black belly.

A Greater Yellowlegs takes a stroll looking for tasty morsels.

A Long-billed Curlew forages in shallow water, showing off
 its amazing curved bill. I love the way this photo captures the two-toned
 water color of the late afternoon sun.

A Western Grebe motors around the harbor at a local marina. 
The boaters are used to seeing these lovely, slender birds as they
 dive for food and hang around the docks.

A pair of White-faced Ibises, and though not the best photo, 
wonderful to see with their long, slender bills as they forage in 
local waterways.

An American Avocet just coming into its breeding plumage. The 
cinnamon color will get deeper and darker as the summer progresses until 
it peaks and begins fading back to its winter black and white colors.

In case you can't recall which is the Great Egret and which is the
 Snowy, here's your clue as to why one is called the Great Egret.

This young beauty was a life bird for me right off the fishing pier by
 the Golden Gate Bridge where it zigged and zagged with astonishing
 speed chasing fish just below the surface of the water. It was a moment 
I'll never forget as it surfaced in front of me, tilting its head with a fish
 disappearing down its gullet in a flash not
 6 feet in front of me on the pier. Amazing stuff.

I've been away awhile and I hope to be back with a bit more regularity, but I'm still getting
used to a new routine and it's a challenge. Best to all my birder friends and others who
stop by for a look. I appreciate your visit and hope you'll say hi after I've been gone so
long. Best to you and yours and do say hi if you have a moment!